Entertaining Your Kids in Winter


When the winter comes, most of people commonly spend their time at home since it must be very cold outside or even it can be dangerous when suddenly a winter storm is coming. However, spending time all day long at home can possibly be boring, especially for your kids because they cannot play outside. Actually, there are actually some activities that you can do for entertaining your kids in winter. Just check out the following information and get your kids to be entertained.

The first thing that you can do is to ask your kids to help you preparing meals on the kitchen. You can make their favorite foods so that they will be very interested to help you in the kitchen. Give them simple task like arranging simple sandwich based on their taste. Besides, you can also make them simple cake with funny shape so that they will be very happy to eat it.

Moreover, you can play hide and seek inside your house with them. You can allow your kids to hide in all rooms of your house. You can add simple gift for them like chocolate or candy so that the game will be more attractive.

Another activity that you can do to entertain your kids on winter is by making a stage for small concert. Most of kids will love this. You can prepare their favorite song to perform. Also, give them attractive costume just like many singers that they know from TV. Or, you can just let them dress up just like what they want. During your kids singing, you can clap and cheer loudly. Do not forget to take their photos and throw flowers on the stage as if they are performing in front of many audiences.

Indoor garden can also be a great way to entertain your kids. You can use certain part of your home to be used for gardening. Choose the simple plant like sunflower that will easily grow and bloomy. Give your kids sunflower seeds and ask them to pot up the seeds. After that, give them the task of watering it everyday. It will be so much find when someday they find that their sunflowers are bloomy.

Furthermore, you can also get your kids on the tub time. Since it is very cold on winter, then you have to use warm water to get your kids on shower. This tube time will be more interesting by adding bubbles, floating toys, and more. Play in water will always be fun activity for kids.

Additionally, making treasure hunter games can also be a great way to entertain your kids. You can put some gifts in the hidden place and ask your kids to find it. This will be challenging and exciting game for your kids.

Overall, now you do have to be confused to entertain your kids during winter. Although it must be very cold outside, you still can create some attractive activities or games inside your home. Instead of entertaining your kids, this can also be the great way to make the relationship between parents and children to be better.

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